Classroom Procedures

MSE Procedures 

SSR Procedures-

Have a book ready when you come into the room

D E A R- Drop everything and read

Use a zero inch voice (no talking)

 Hallway Procedures-

Face forward

Use zero inch voice

Keep hands and feet to yourself

Stay in a single file line

Remember to respect other’s personal space

 Café Procedures-

Use zero inch voice when entering and while card is on red

Use one inch voice when card is on green

Keep hands and feet to yourself

Use table manners

 Time Wisely Secrets-

Use zero inch voice

Read a book

Finish homework

 Bathroom Procedures-

Be quick

Be quiet

Be clean

Make sure to flush

Wash hands

 Recess Procedures-

Keep hands and feet to yourself

No put downs

Line-up when you hear the whistle

 Morning Procedures-

Greet the teachers

Take down your chair

Start morning work