What's Going in Mrs. Campbell's Class!

 The students are doing great!  We are finishing up our state standards and getting ready for TCAP review.  Please encourage your child to read for at least 20 minutes a day and make sure that they are bringing home ALL of their papers home.  If your child has a missed item on a test which was not corrected, please sit down and talk to them about what they missed and why.  THANK YOU ALL for your ongoing support!

Scary Spider Spies 

(A poem using Alliteration and Repetition)

They're creepy crawling creature who love the smell of sweet.

They're eight legged creatures who are desperate for a treat.

They want our Halloween candy!

Spiders are so scary, that we almost want to share.

I hope they don't think they're getting my Halloween candy,

because that's not even fair!

They want our Halloween candy!

I have not been doing a great job about checking planners, but this is changing.  I have been writing notes in planners, so be sure and check this.  Please sign as well. 


A short homework page is going home every Friday, so make sure your child is doing this.  It is due on Mondays and shouldn't take too long.  Thanks! 


Social Studies Fair paperwork went home on Friday, October 15th.  See the paperwork for details!  Thanks! 

Our Madlib we wanted to share with you!  

 The Walmart Difference Mad Lib
Contributed by tony

Come drumming at WALMART, where you`ll receive pretty discounts on all of your favorite brand name houses. Our yellow and singing associates are there to running you 1000 hours a day. Here you will find green prices on the wolves you need. fires for the moms, shoes for the kids and all the latest electronics for the Dads. So come on down to your brown pink WALMART where the golf clubs come first.